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<p>"He was an extraordinary man and a wonderful father,"WilesSaid. "I know he will be greatly missed. "Summerall was part of network television broadcasts for 16Super bowls.His last championship game was for fox on feb.3, 2002, also his last game with longtime partner Madden.The popular duo worked together for 21 Years, moving to fox in 1994 after Years as the lead team for cbs.At the end of their final broadcast together, madden describedSummerall as"A treasure"And the"Spirit of the national football league"In a tribute to the partner that complemented the former coachSo well. "You are what the nfl is all about, what pro football is all about, and more important, what a man is all about and what a gentleman is all about,"MaddenSaid.As former teammate and broadcaster frank gifford put it in an accompanying video tribute: "America is very comfortable with patSummerall. 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There will be a piece of PatSummerall on the air as long as I do golf for this network. "A recovering alcoholic,Summerall had a liver transplant in April 2004. The lifesavingSurgery was necessary even after 12 Years ofSobriety. After an intervention involving, among others, former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, former CBSSports President Peter Lund and former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beaman,Summerall checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in April 1992. "I had no intention of quitting, i was having too good a time,"SummerallSaid in a 2000 Associated PressStory. "The prescribedStay at Betty Ford is 28 days. They kept me 33 because I wasSo angry at the people who did the intervention, the first five days didn't do me any good. "Summerall received the liver of a 13-Year-Old junior high football player from arkansas who died unexpectedly from an aneurysm.Summerall had an emotional meeting with the teenager's family the following Year.Summerall oftenShared his testimony with Christian groups and told hisStory whenSpeaking before other organizations.In his 2006 book,"Summerall:On and off the air," he frankly discussed his personalStruggles and professionalSuccesses. Long before broadcastingSuper bowl games, 16 for television and 10 more for radio -- in fact, before there was even aSuper bowl --Summerall played a role in what is known in football circles as "The greatest game ever played,"The 1958 nfl championship.The giants lost to the baltimore colts 23-17 in the NFL's first-Ever overtime game. Born George AllenSummerall on May 10, 1930 in Lake City, Fla., he was an All-State prep football and basketball player there, and lettered in baseball and tennis.He played college football at arkansas before going to the nfl. After breaking his arm in the wholesale nike jerseys preseason as a rookie for Detroit,Summerall played five Years for the Chicago Cardinals before fourSeasons with the Giants. While he was also a defensive back,Summerall was primarily a kicker, making 100 field goals and 256 of 265 extra points in his career. When asked about his fondest NFL memories during a May 2009 interview with the AP,SummerallSaid there were things thatStood out as a player and broadcaster. "You always remember the days as a player. I was in four championship games before there was aSuper bowl,So I remember those very well, " heSaid. "Broadcasting, i remember the last(Super bowl)I did.Of course, i remember that.I remember the first one most vividly than any of the rest. "Summerall was part of the NBC and CBSSimulcast of the inauguralSuper bowl in Los Angeles on Jan.15, 1967. After working the first half in the broadcast booth, heSwitched places with Gifford at halftime and was aSideline reporter during theSecond half. "To look at the Coliseum that day andSee that there were like 40, 000 emptySeatsAnd themost expensive ticket was $12, it's incredible to realize what was going on and what it's grown to over the Years, " heSaid during the 2009 AP interview. "It'sSort ofStaggering to me. "Summerall, whoSpent his final Years in the Dallas area, living inSouthlake, was a member of the North TexasSuper bowl host committee for the game played there in February 2011 in the $1. 1 billion CowboysStadium that opened in 2009. "It's a little bit different in that, it's in my neighborhood, it's in my home,"SummerallSaid in advance of thatSuper bowl in which Green Bay defeated Pittsburgh. "It's quite an honor just to be part of it. "Summerall became a play-By-play announcer in 1974, and it wasStrictly By accident. He was working with Jack Buck, and CBS boss Bob Wussler thought the two commentatorsSounded too much alike.Summerall told Wussler that if a change was going to be made that he'd like to do play-By-play,And thefollowingSunday that's whatSummerall was doing.His final play-By-play words beside Madden highlightedSummerall'sSuccinctness when calling the game-Ending field goal. "It's right down the pipe.Adam vinatieri.No time on the clock.And thePatriots have wonSuper bowl XXXVI.Unbelievable,"SummerallSaid.Sparse, exciting, perfect. A flawlessSummation without distracting from the reaction viewers couldSee on theScreen. After his final game with Madden,Summerall remained a full-time broadcaster for Fox one moreSeason, doing primarily Dallas Cowboys games during the 2002Season. He decided toStep down the following Year when he realized he wouldSpend most of theSeason away from home.Summerall did a handful of NFL games for Fox and ESPN the next fewSeasons.He did play-By-Play for fox's broadcast of the cotton bowl's games from 2007-10, then for the bowl's 75th anniversary in January 2011 conducted interviews as part of the pregameShow and game broadcast.He also had voiceovers that were part of masters broadcasts for cbs and game broadcasts on nfl network.Funeral arrangements were incomplete. --Stephen Hawkins, APSports Writer</p>

<p>"This is a really unique, original and funny series.It s unapologetically silly and at times, just plain ridiculous,"Remarks producer seth green.Executive producers eric towner and john harvatine iv add"This project comes from a place of pure love and admiration for the nfl new jerseys eccentric personalities it showcases.It s so absurd and fun! "</p>
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